AIRworkspace - Windows Desktop Client for Nextcloud and ownCloud. No File-sync!

The Most Powerful Windows Desktop App for Nextcloud & ownCloud

WorkAIR makes your
ownCloud and Nextcloud even better


If you use ownCloud or Nextcloud content management systems for your document management and team collaboration, you already know the various benefits. But you can experience even more benefits if you add WorkAIR to your ownCloud or Nextcloud environment. Choose here below ownCloud or Nextcloud and read more what WorkAIR can do for you.

Your benefits

Fast Access & Search

Very fast access to all your files. Thanks to the thumbnails you have instant visual view.
Fast search. Find your information within seconds.

Secure Access & Collaboration

All your content is encrypted. AIRworkspace keeps your content on your Nextcloud server. No downloading files to your local storage. No data leakage!

Easy Use

AIRworkspace has a zero learning curve. With drag-and-drop and right-mouse-click functionalities everyone can work with AIRworkspace.

Familiar Interface

AIRworkspace looks like Windows Explorer but can do so much more. Thanks to the well-known interface you instantly know how it works.

WorkAIR works with

Windows: Windows 8.x, 10
Office: Office 2013 & 2016
Nextcloud: Version 10 and up
ownCloud: Version 9 and up

Try WorkAIR 14 days for free

To find out if the most powerful Windows desktop client for Nextcloud and ownCloud works for you, give AIRworkspace  a try.