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16 Reasons why you need AIRworkspace

  • Keeps your privacy sensitive data in your own private cloud.
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    Keeps your company critical data in your own private cloud.
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    Prevents dataleakage by keeping your data in your cloud, not on your local device.
  • Stops 'Shadow IT'. Your data is no longer scattered over different storage silo's. Only on your server.
  • Provides secure videoconferencing and instant messaging.
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    Helps your files to survive a ransomware attack thanks to versioning and undelete of your files.
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    No file synchronisation. All your files remain on your server. Files offline accessible with offline folders.
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    The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower than comparable digital workspace solutions resulting in a lower average cost per user per month.
  • Easy to use thanks to familiar Windows Explorer look-a-like user interface of WorkAIR.
  • Provides online editing. Collaborate online with your team on documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Fast search and access to your files. Don't waste time, resources and money finding what you need.
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    Synchronise your Outlook and CalDAV calendars (like iCal) with AIRsynchroniser.
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    Your projects, CRM, tasks, calendars, mind mapping, scrum deck all together.
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    Open and save Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 files direct to your own private cloud.
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    Open and save OnlyOffice documents, spreadsheets and presentations direct to your private cloud.
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    Freedom of choice where to store your files. On-premise on your own server. Or off-premise in a hosted private cloud of your choice. (Soon also at AIRworkspace!)

AIRworkspace: your secure, privacy-aware digital workspace solution includes:

  • WorkAIR - Windows desktop client for Nextcloud and ownCloud.
  • Spreed - Open source secure webRTC videoconferencing and chat. Alternative for Skype and Google Hangout.
  • Dell EMC hardware.

AIRworkspace appliance: your secure digital workspace in-a-box

The AIRworkspace secure digital workspace solution comes inclusive fast and reliable hardware of Dell EMC. The AIRworkspace appliance can serve up to 1000 users per appliance (depending on storage capacity) and comes complete pre-installed, pre-configured and custom-built.

WorkAIR: Fast and easy desktop client keeps your files on your server

WorkAIR is a Windows desktop client for ownCloud and Nextcloud servers. It creates an independent file structure on your desktop, laptop and Windows 10 tablet. It lets you work and collaborate with your data in your own private cloud as if they were local on your device.

But your files are not stored local. They remain safe in your private cloud, reducing risks of data leakage and ransoming by ransomware. Besides these security benefits you also get fast access and search. Not to mention easy adoption thanks to the 'Windows Explorer'-like user interface.

Our partners

The AIRworkspace secure digital workspace solution is created in partnership with Dell EMC OEMNextcloud and ONLYOFFICE.

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